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Tracey's Story

Tracey Mishel moved to Aspen in 1988 and has been immersed in the restaurant scene ever since.  Her most notable success locally is the restaurant that she owned and operated with her husband for fourteen years named Atlas Pizza and Pasta.  Here she could cover both of her passions, cooking and customer service, while raising her two children now seventeen and fifteen years old.  The restaurant was fondly known for its wonderful home-style cuisine and a place for locals to come together with their families.  Tracey loved engaging with her customers and making sure their experience was always special.

Since closing the doors of Atlas she has been working as an operations manager in the catering department of the Caribou Club in Aspen, as well as a Chef for the Barry-Wehmiller Corporation locally based in Woody Creek, Colorado. The work experience she received at the prestigious Caribou Club has been instrumental in helping Tracey refine her service skills as well as strengthen the planning abilities required for a fabulous event.

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